Top 20 website domains recently sold

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Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of domain flipping yet; many people haven’t either. Flipping domains can be a very profitable side hustle that can earn you thousands of dollars per month if you find the right domains and sell them for a profit.

Bellow are top 20 website domains recently sold: sold for $26,000 sold for $31,000 sold for $18,000 sold for $29,000 sold for $13,000 sold for $35,000 sold for $50,000 sold for $18,000 for $24,000 sold for $65,000 Sold for more than $25,000 sold for $55,000 sold for $11,500 sold for $40,000 sold for $60,000 sold for more than $26,000 sold for more than $25,000 sold for more than $25,000 sold for $10,230 sold for $12,000
Domain names can be extremely profitable, and companies (or individuals) are willing to pay exorbitant prices for some of the best names. A domain with the name “,” for example, could be worth significantly more than another domain. Shorter domains are typically much more valuable than longer domains.
To be successful when flipping domain names, you must put in the time and effort.

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How Much Money Can You Make Flipping Domains?

Some people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars by flipping just one domain, yes, ONE! Domain names like,, and have all sold for more than $3 million just for the domain name.
There’s a good chance you won’t come across any of these domains, but the potential for profit remains. Even if you can buy a domain name for $10 and sell it for $150, you’ll make a $140 profit.
You can make as much money as you want by flipping domains. You can reinvest your profits and buy another domain to flip every time you flip a domain name.

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